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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Baked Texture - What goes into packaging #22 of 40

Baked Texture IS a new style of Art Medium

Embossing Powder has been around for decades, but now like this. 
We create embossing powders that achieve finished results without dry times, toxic fumes, or gooey messes.

Baked Texture was designed for and with Seth Apter because he is a medium artist, not a typical paper crafter. When he teamed up with us, he brought ideas of texture and colour that is not know in the embossing powder world. Because of this wonderful pairing we have created a product that is taking the Craft and Art world by storm and we want to answer some of the questions we are seeing frequently.

Today we are talking about packaging. You may have wondered why some jars appear less full then others. You may be thinking 'Hey my Rocky Road looks more black then I expected or have seen'.  

Well to answer your questions on the package, come visit with me through the candid and raw YouTube video. (Please excuse the lack of makeup and hair, I seldom worry about it when I am in full packaging mode. I often looking like I am shimmery and sparkly, or possibly dyed blue like a smurf because I have been actually making everything but the raw plastic these days. I wasn't planning on the video but I happened to get the idea and had Janell on hand to help me.)

I hope this helps clear up a few questions but please feel free to ask any that you have. We have about 2-3 weeks left and we will be caught up.

Thank you for your Patience, Love and Support.

PS: We have already started initiating protocols for the next release where we will be creating another frenzie ;)


  1. Kim, you are beautiful!!
    Thank you so very much for this video,even though I knew already about the shifting and weight,etc. I do hope others watch this and put theirs fears to rest.
    Your story amazes me and I am thrilled for you, that one, your business seems to have exploded in a wonderful way and two that you are a woman,making it in a small business! Bravo!! I am sure this is all no easy feat and I applaud you! bravo!
    Jackie xo

  2. A great video Kim! I have been so busy and so happy using the powders I didn't even notice that there were any issues but it certainly makes sense that some powders will be heavier than others. So sorry to hear that you are having supplier issues though, but I can assure anyone who reads this that the new Kim/Seth EPs are definitely worth the wait!!!

    Kim, you are equally beautiful with, or without your make-up! Anne xxx

  3. Super information Kim. I hope the supplier issues get sorted out soon. The powders are getting rave reviews and for good reason. Hang in there. You've got this.