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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

40 to 40 - #5 Winter at SRTC

2017 is here...

 and I am working on posts like crazy. This one is for the amazing Canadian shop Southern Ridge Trading Co (SRTC). Their new challenge is up and it's all about winter.

I made a couple of cards this season using a couple of my favourite SRTC chipboard pieces. The first of my faves is the Small Snowflake Wreath.

I quickly painted them up with Tim Holtz Picket Fence acrylic paint dabber by Ranger.

Then, I dumped the Fractured Ice embossing powder by Emerald Creek onto it. I heated one partially to create ice crystals. It's an amazing effect and the chipboard really holds the half melted powders well. 

To others, I went for the full melt giving them the perfect glassy glacier ice look.

Here's a shot of the 3 stages all were perfect for any card.

Then, I quickly added paste to a snowflake stencils with my finger so I could control which snowflakes received the paste. Adding a little bit of the Soft Fallen Snow embossing powder (also by Emerald Creek) and heating it made them puff up perfectly. You seriously have to try this powder and technique!

Added some crinkle ribbon and a charm to finish it off perfectly

The second SRTC chipboard piece that I am in LOVE with is the Retro TV.

I grabbed some Candy Orange embossing powder, and covered the body of the TV.

Don't miss the edges and for the best result use the Ranger Emboss It Dabber (SRTC also carries this by special request).

Then, I used  a block felt to colour the cardstock underneath and the Charred Gold embossing powder (not online, but SRTC does carry it, just email about it), to create the knob buttons and cover the legs.

And Charred Gold to the antenna...

and randomly dry sprinkled over the patterned cardstock and word tag and then heated from underneath (no ink was needed).

I had printed my favourite scene from the Rudolf Christmas Movie, black and whited it and dropped the greys and then coloured up the characters with my Tombow Markers (coming soon to SRTC for a limited time).

My mind is reeling with ideas for this TV and it is a must have.

Because this is a Southern Ridge Trading Co. post, I will not have links to any of my products. Southern Ridge carries some and I strongly encourage supporting them.
Please click Here for the SRTC Shop.

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  1. Love the snowflakes and adore the tv card!! Well done Kim!!xx

    1. Thank you so much Jackie! That tv is a must. I can picture it in all kinds of retro colours and loads of scenes with it.

  2. Big round of applause for you, Kim! I'm loving those icy snowflakes, and can't wait to get the Fractured Ice I ordered! You have sold me on those chippies, too! What fun is that TV! Sending New Years hugs!

    1. Awe thanks Sara! I hope you have your package now. Lots have been delayed, I'm thinking it was the customs overload from the rush.

  3. As always....mind blowingly beautiful..♡♡♡♡

  4. As always....mind blowingly beautiful..♡♡♡♡

  5. Absolutely LOVE these cards! I now need to add more to my chipboard wishlist!! :) So so incredible!

    1. Thanks Cathy. I can't wait to do some demos together.

  6. Replies
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    2. Thanks Peg. I can't wait for the products to be in your hands

  7. Oh, KIM! First of all, that SRTC Snowflake Wreath could not have been embellished more perfectly!!! It made up into a stunning card!!! Then...that little TV!!! What more can be said, when you made it PERFECTLY "retro", by putting a scene from RUDOLPH on the screen!!! It's like it's tuned in on my favorite channel! ❤️

  8. OOHHH.... I love the Snowflake Wreath..going to have to get me some of that beautiful embossing powder! Fabulous cards by the way!