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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We DARE You... to enter the 80's Re-purposed!

What have the 80's done for you lately?

Welcome to the new Emerald Creek Design Team first Challenge!
Well I am so excited, because the 80's brought me a break out launch for this new talented team.   All I can say is after this first round, with just about every glitch that could be imagined, these ladies have me in shock and awe.  So lets get started.

We are starting with an 80's theme.

Why, you ask?
Well, The Canadian Scrapbooker Carnival, has themed this years event after the 80's, so we decided we take the awesome parts of the 80's, some of the dreaded parts of the 80's and come up with a new re-purposed look to bring the 80's for today.

So with no further ado, we introduce to you

Our Coast to Coast Canadian Design Team (literally)

Julia Chupik

Our stampeding gal from Alberta, nailing it with mixed media

All I can say is WHAT!!!!? She rocked this. This is her first design team experience and she nailed it like a Superstar. Her Mixed Media Art, has given me a chance to have a spot the stamp game at my booth. so pop on by to see if you can spot all of the stamps used on this project.

Karon Hughes

from the beautiful fall colours of Ontario, shocks us with 3 pieces and 3 blog posts

What can I say, She took a small Balloon Stamp and turned it into several sizes, then created a great multi level card.

Then, because she felt the overflowing excitement of the 80's, she created 2 more amazing projects that she will be sharing over the days of the trade show. They are insane and feature a couple of the new products being released for the show.

Thursday Blog Post
Saturday Blog Post
Pop by "Whats New Wednesday - Buckle up & Enjoy"

Diana Hetherington

hails us from the east coast, New Brunswick, with 2 amazing pieces.

Diana has created an ATB using Eileen Hull's Scoreboard Box Die and a necklace. (I can't lie, the necklace will be on display (probably around my neck and if Diana is willing, I will keep it and wear it all the time as a reminder of awesomeness)

Roll on Over to "Emerald Creek - 80's Style"

Cathy Potosky

hitting us up from the west coast, British Columbia

Again for a First Design team experience, Cathy left me with a dropped jaw, shaking my head and thinking "why have these ladies never been on a design team before". I am so fortunate and excited that she joined us on this journey. With her 80's themed projects, I was inspired to pull out my old albums and start singing all the hits of the 80's.

Visit "Back to the 80's with Emerald Creek"

Please remember to follow these ladies regularly.

If you are in the Calgary area, come over to Spruce Meadows Sept 25th & 26th to booth #441 and see ALL of their works on display.

There will be a $25.00 "Dare", twice a month, so follow, comment, create and connect. 
These ladies are bringing you fantastic new ideas.

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  1. great first posting by a wonderful team of creative souls!!!! what an exciting time!!
    and yes I had hoped you would want to wear it !!!

  2. Fabulous post and love everyones makes - wow!!! Off to visit now :-)

  3. Great blog post! I am so proud of our DT and our fearless leader!

  4. Wonderful. I can't wait to shop here.

    1. Thank you for commenting and watching us Orcafitz!

  5. Huge congratulations on your new venture. Wonderful artwork from the DT, I love how everyone interpreted the theme so differently. The very best of luck with your plans. Tracy x

    1. Thank you the encouraging comments and for participating so quickly. It makes it a little more exciting and a little less stressful getting the first participant. And I love your project!