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Monday, 28 August 2017

40 to 40 #11 - So Suzy Podcast

Thank You to Suzanne of

So Suzy Podcast 

for this incredible opportunity to be on her list of Entrepreneurs, for Make it Happen Monday!

and added thank you also goes out to Joesfine Forage of for having paired us up. It takes all of us working together to navigate all of these social media tools and I am grateful for all of the followers, users, promoters and supporters of Emerald Creek. You mean the world to me!

Here is the podcast of my interview with Suzanne.

I encourage all of you to pop over to her blog at So Suzy Podcast  and leave a comment of your favourite quote from the interview for a chance to Win and Emerald Creek Prize pack. 1 winner will be chosen Monday September 4th!

For other ways to find this and follow along here are links to all of the So Suzy Podcast Social Media

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  1. Well done!! I always love hearing how you think and work towards how you get things ready! <3

  2. This interview gave me a great insight on how you tick and how ECCS came about. Thank you so much for doing this!

  3. A great interview Kim, I enjoyed hearing how you started up your business! x

  4. What a super interview Kim! I am in awe as to how you took on and grew your business! Kudos to you!
    My favorite quote was from Susy
    "Red rubber stamps are going to be around for decades!"
    Have a great weekend! xx