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Monday, 24 July 2017

40 to 40 #8 - 6 Months until Creativation!

6 Months Already?! 

You will probably see a photo of this Hoodie on me every year until it becomes a thread. It's my 'I am just a British Columbia Girl in an Alberta World' Facebook find.

I wish somehow there was a way to slow down time. At 2017 we had an awesome time, met so many amazing people and I can't wait to get back to Phoenix again!

Every year I learn something. Lesson 1 the more carefully you plan, the more likely it is to fail. I had my crate scheduled to arrive Thursday morning. My paperwork for customs, all though super detailed, still missed critical information and created delay #1. Then Weather created delay #2. Then somewhere lost in Canadian translation, the words get it there Friday morning turned into 3:00pm Friday afternoon. (3 hrs before lock down and evacuation for the vacuuming crew)

How to set up a booth in record time.

First, have the best team in the world including team members Mom's.

Second relax and go shopping at Sweet Salvage before set up can start. Being relaxed and having bought fun little items makes the rest become a shoulder shrug.

After an excruciating wait for my crate to arrive, I had remembered the drill bit I would need (a Robertson, they are Canadian not American) I did forget the drill however, and it happens to be nice one.

Ted to the rescue!

Image result for stampers anonymous logo

My favourite of the vendors I see when I am down there has to be Stamper's Anonymous and Ted. His down to earth demeanour, and his willingness to share his knowledge and be a mentor to anyone he comes in contact with makes him feel like a long lost friend. He brightens those first chaotic hours of setup and the long days on the show floor. 
(Next year, I have a cold beer with your name on it Ted)

Anyway, We are finally into the crate it's 3:30PM and all hands are on deck embossing, painting, taping, and cleaning.

(Thank you Karen from Southern Ridge Trading Co. for my chipboard signs)

Southern Ridge Trading Company

(Not too bad for a full booth set up. Thank you ladies, I would have cried without you)

Lastly, why doesn't the crate go back together the same way? Yes we had to squeeze the sides while Ted screwed the top back on. I guess that's what happens when 3 Canadian are vendors and then go shopping in the US. (It was just me on the way down, so we actually made room and then all of us filled it back up).

Thank you Ted! 

You are the mentor I look up to and would like to follow along in the footsteps of.

Stay tuned for the fun posts from the show!


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  1. Fun post to read Kim. I can't even imagine all the work that goes into that setup and breakdown! thanks for sharing with us and I love the photo of you and your pink hoodie! ")
    Jackie xo

  2. Thanks Jackie. The favourite lesson I am learning is just to have fun because it definitely has run smoothly yet.

  3. What a nail biter moment! I'm glad it all worked out. Hopefully 2018 will run much more smoothly. =)