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Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Year in Review - Sara & Jessica


Today wraps up the Year in Review posts. I am so excited to close with Sara and Jessica our newest team members. I met both of these amazing women through Nicole Wright and the help of social media and I have to send a Huge Shout out to Nicole, check out her blog and DT's she is on.

Sara was my first shocking blog player when she entered a creepy corpse head for our Halloween blog challenge on the EC Dares. Then she stole my heart as she continued to play and brought so many of her family from the 'Anything but Cute' design team and blog family. (This is a fun set of blog challenges you should check out). Since then Sara has become my kindred spirit sister, literary adviser and human thesaurus for the unique and odd when I hit brain blocks.

Jessica, was an inspired choice. Just over a year ago, Nicole and Jess were chatting while we were setting up the CHA booth. We tried to convince her to come meet us and help but family responsibilities and late notice made it a no go. Over the year, Jess won a spot on the DT and I was able to get to know her better. It turns out we shared more in common, like a do or die work and family ethic. It is with great pleasure that Jessica is able to be my extra hands in the booth at the Creativation Show in 3 weeks. Her talent is beyond mainstream and she will be teaching a class for me on the floor. (doing the happy dance),

Please follow along and check out these ladies and their amazing projects from 2016!


Sara Emily

Happy New Year's Eve to all of our loyal visitors! Has 2016 flown by or WHAT???!  I only started on Emerald Creek Supplies Design Team in September, so the time has really passed quickly for me. Here is a brief recap of the projects I've designed for Emerald Creek Dares; please click on any of the links for a tutorial on how I used the fabulous Emerald Creek goodies! 

September - Remember

October - Altered Mirror

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year! I sincerely hope you will take time for yourself to craft something each and every week this year! Hugs and Blessings from Sara Emily! 


Sara, I am so so glad you found my blog worth your time. I am delighted you played and then guest designed for me. Now that we get to work together regularly, I feel I am blessed beyond measure. You have taken products to a new level and I am in shock with each project you create. You have elevated my designing capabilities and creativity.

Thank you and hugs from the Canadian winter wonderland!
♥ Kim
(just figured out I could add a heart, silly me) 


Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to be part of the Emerald Creek Team.  Like Sarah Emily, I joined the team in September so my recap is pretty brief.  Click the links and you will be whooshed over to my blog.  The team has some very exciting stuff planned for the upcoming year and I can't wait to share it with all of you.  

Have a very safe and Happy New Year! Jess


Jess, who knew a year ago, we would have found so much in common to build this friendship. Your projects took an amazing twist to my products. Every time I am setting up the posts, I just stare at the unique and magnificent design styles you create. I can't pick a favourite because all of the projects were so different, but the technique you shocked me with was the Large Lily stamp made into a skirt print, that really shook up how I looked at all of my images. I have no doubt, we were meant to meet and that you were meant to work with me in my booth.

I'm so excited to see you in a couple of weeks. Rest up and get ready to get your groove on!
♪♫ Kim



♥ to All of You!

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Friday, 30 December 2016

A Year in Review - Heather

Well this is another Happy/Sad Post.

Heather has not been with us very long, and we are sad her last post will be in January.
It is with great excitement that she heads off to continue on what I am sure will be a very bright and successful road of Paper Design and Project Life accessory store. I am so thrilled for Heather and her partner Suzy, as they launched Wild Whisper! Please stay in touch with Heather and follow their design team starting in January.



How is the New Year upon us already!? This year has sure flown by! I have loved every minute of working with Emerald Creek's incredible products and I cannot thank Kim enough for having me as part of her team! These stamps, powders, and stencils just spark my creativity and I can't wait to create with them every time something new arrives! Here is my Year in Review - I hope you have enjoyed seeing these projects!

June - Masculine Tag

July - Canada Day

August - "Adventure" Layout Process

September - Wonder Woman Hero Layout

Anniversary Post - Mixed Media Tag

October - Falling into Celebration

December - Winter Wishes Christmas Polka Tag

 I have truly appreciated the opportunity to work with Kim and her incredible team over the last  6 months! It sure has flown by and I have built some wonderful crafty relationships in the process. I can't thank you enough Kim! May you all have a wonderful and blessed 2017!


Heather, I am so thrilled for you. As much as I wish I could keep you, I am happy to have been a stepping stone on your way to success. Your projects are just a tiny sampling of the talent and dedication you have to design and I can't wait for us to do many more cross over blog hops. Secretly, I'm excited for the papers that work with my outdoors themes. I had a blast designing for you!

Big Hugs and High Fives for the successful launch and an awesome 2017.


To everyone else, if you missed it here's a small sample from Heather's line (designed by me) pop into the blog and check out the hop that took place at the beginning of November.

 photo PNBDjxHgXf80EqKXj22BjTjcPUR-hjAhJOXnhNvULCY.png

Thursday, 29 December 2016

A Year in Review - Cathy

Cathy holds a special place in my heart.

She has been on our Design \team since the beginning. As the longest running DT member there have been a plethora of projects, but my very favourite thing has been watching the evolution of Cathy with the Team. From day one she has pushed herself to excel and add to her skills and designs. It will be truly difficult when she posts her last DT post with Emerald Creek in February, but we are thrilled to see her move forward and pursue new design teams and creative outlets.


Cathy - Dec 29th

It's hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end. It has been an amazing year filled with creating, crafting, learning and getting to meet so many new people. It's been an honour to be on the Emerald Creek Design Team with some incredibly talented ladies, run by one of the best people I've ever know! Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!! Here is my Year-In-Review!

November - Let the Festivities Begin

December - Winter Wishes for All


As I reviewed the projects I just noticed the fussy cut holly. That took a lot of patience.

Cathy, you are so amazing!
It's so hard to let each of my first designers move on and you are the most difficult because of being the last of the first group to go. I have been uplifted and learned so much watching you evolve and grow in your craft. You've proven that everyone should continue to seek education education and knowledge in order to sharpen our skills. I'm in awe of all you have accomplished, personally and as part of the team. I am thrilled that you will be at CHA, heading up social media and doing some demonstrations. What fun we will have!

 photo PNBDjxHgXf80EqKXj22BjTjcPUR-hjAhJOXnhNvULCY.png

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Year in Review - Deb

I hope you are all enjoying the flashbacks.

Deb is an amazing designer. We initially met each other through Nicole Wrights Canadian Crafters Facebook page and Instagram. I would often follow what she was up to and liked almost everything she would create. When she applied for one of the design team positions, I nearly screamed with excited joy. All I could think was"'She picked me, I can't believe she picked me". (Remember: I had only been running a team for 10 months and every time any of you have played, commented or applied, it has always been a joy and a greatly appreciated boost for me and the blog).

Since Deb joined, she helped broaden the way I saw images within my own catalogue. I am so impressed with all she has to showcase from 2016. Please take a moment to enjoy the work Deb has created and pop over to a blog post and let her know how great she is.



Hello, thank you so much for stopping by today.  I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season and that it has been filled with friends and family.  As hard as it is to believe, 2016 is coming to a close and what a year it has been!  I was so fortunate earlier this year to be asked to be on Emerald Creek Craft Supplies' design team and what a fun and creative time I have had.  Here's a little retrospective of the projects I made for Emerald Creek this past year, you can click on the title of each project to head on over to my blog for a closer look if you like.

June - Sing Keepsake Book For Dad

July - O'Canada Luminary

August - Ten Minute Ombre Birthday Card

  Emerald Creek Dares Anniversary - Presence of Wonder Mixed Media Plaque

September - Happy Thanksgiving Rustic Wall Hanging

October - Boo! Halloween Card

November - Grateful Remembrance Card

December - Song Of Christmas Card

I hope you enjoyed seeing my projects for 2016 once again and that you will continue to come play with us each month here at Emerald Creek Dares in 2017.  Wishing you and yours much joy, health and creativity, Happy New Year everyone!
Deb xo


Deb, I love all you do. I am so blessed to have you on my team. I look forward to so many more creations from you, in all aspects of the craft world and look forward to meeting you in person at CHA 2017.

Your forever cheerleader, 

 photo PNBDjxHgXf80EqKXj22BjTjcPUR-hjAhJOXnhNvULCY.png

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Year in Review - Pam

The Most Wonderful Idea of the Year!

  Pam inspired all of these posts from the team and I am so happy she shared her idea with the team.

 I am often impressed with Pam and how she can tie the Emerald Creek Brand stamps, charms and powders in with the Graphic 45 Paper and Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. She is the pinnacle designer for combining very powerful image lines from each company and having an excellent balance. Pam is an absolute delight to have on the team. I am excited by the cross overs on products and it shocks me every time I see how much she can use from each of us in 1 project. Definitely follow her posts to see how you can use so many new and old designs to create beautiful fresh projects.


Pam - Dec 27th
Hi everyone!!! 
Thanks so much for stopping by today!!!
I am so excited to share my....
 "Year in Review" with Emerald Creek Supplies!!!
To see all the fabulous DETAILS of each 
....CLICK on the TITLE...
 you will be DIRECTED to each PROJECT. 

December 2015 Tag

January 2016 Tag

February 2016 Tag

March  2016

April Tag 2016

May Card 2016

June Tag 2016

July Tag 2016

August Tag 2016

September Tag 2016

October Card 2016

December Card 2016

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 


Pam, you were a blessing from out of the blue. I was so shocked when you guest posted for me and I had no idea it would evolve into a DT position. I have often looked back and wondered what would have happened had you never been a guest designer and am glad you embraced the team for designing. You've taught me a lot about crafting, family, parenting and love beyond measure and I am so glad you are a part of the team.

 photo PNBDjxHgXf80EqKXj22BjTjcPUR-hjAhJOXnhNvULCY.png